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application for house control
Innovate Z-Wave application. Very easy to use. Just for you.

Paigo Z-Soft Manual.pdf
Paigo Z-Soft Full Version Manual.pdf

Home control- it’s simple!

The Paigo application offers you an intuitive and transparent service. You can easily control your home with it. Application menu has been designed for your comfort. Using a modern, stylish tiles you can view all the devices connected to the system. In addition,you can use the Paigo application not only from the level of a TV set at home, but also from all over the world through a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Scenes, algorithms - Build it yourself

Using such an innovative solution like this, you will easily customize a house to meet your needs. From now on creating scripts, or even complex scenes will be simple. To do this, you will use the Puzzle! By arranging them you create actions and the entire events preferred by you. You can set the automatic switching on of lights in the kitchen, or take a step further and extend the action by the sequence of events, eg. switching lights on after entering the house, turning on your TV set and a kettle with water in it.

Controlling like in the game

Our application offers you many innovative solutions. Thanks to your home visualization, you can easily create a plan of storeys in your house . But that's not all! Taking into account your comfort, the application also allows to add further areas of your property. You can create all that in a very simple and fast way, because the only thing you need do, is to create a floor, give it a name and add a photo.

Your family safety

You can arm and disarm the alarm system from the application level. You can also control the monitoring, which gives you a preview of your property. Remember you can do it any time and from anywhere in the world! Additionally, the Paigo application gives you the control of users. This means that you can create unique logins and passwords to access the system, while it is also possible to define the privileges. The user control is especially useful in case of people you want to have control over.

Hard to believe?
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What else
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Connect them all, not just some parts and your world is in your hands. You can remote control the whole house no matter where you are or when. The advantage of it comparing to other products is that it works with everything, not just some things, for example with sensors, you can set the temperature. You can even see and get a notification if someone is at the house. Just another remote control? You have a TV, video/DVD recorder, AC or whatever else, but that is the point, it doesn't add to more of these. You no longer have to search for your remote and get annoyed that you have no clue where it is. This system replaces them all. You can throw out all the other remotes. Just do whatever you want with your mobile, since Paigo Intelligence System connects everything in your house and gives you the freedom to manage them within a few seconds, from anywhere. With smart care, in the future when you go home, your home will be waiting for you with warmth and a new foresight.