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Paigo Z-Soft + OSMC Media Center

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House control

Paigo Z-Simple is an innovative solution for your home. Control your lights, temperature, heating or air conditioning with a handy and transparent application, which allows you to establish preferred actions for the system and all that can be done with your PC, tablet or smartphone from the other side of the world!

Alarm system

With Paigo Z-Simple you can be calm. Uncompromising Security System will take care of your home and will notify you of any events. Thanks to the IP cameras and motion sensors Paigo detects any intrusion into the house. A loud beep will automatically be turned on, and you will get alarming warning in the form of an e-mail or a text message. You will not waste any time so valuable for taking an action. With the help of a smartphon you can also arm and disarm the system.


IP Camera is a combination of a camera and a computer. These devices record and transmit live image. Thanks to the advanced technology Paigo Z-Simple can protect you even better. However, IP cameras ensure not only safety, but also video monitoring and automation technology. Cooperation of Paigo Z-Simple with IP cameras makes life safer and more comfortable for you and your family. At any time and from anywhere in the world , you can see what is happening in your home and on your property thanks to the Paigo application.

Media Center

Paigo Z-Simple gives you a Home Entertainment Center. Watch HD movies, listen to your favorite music and store data in one place. With Paigo you can even more. You can eaily connect with your family and friends who are thousand kilometers away.

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control Paigo through mobile, tablet or PC
use our innovated remote controller

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Connect them all, not just some parts and your world is in your hands. You can remote control the whole house no matter where you are or when. The advantage of it comparing to other products is that it works with everything, not just some things, for example with sensors, you can set the temperature. You can even see and get a notification if someone is at the house. Just another remote control? You have a TV, video/DVD recorder, AC or whatever else, but that is the point, it doesn't add to more of these. You no longer have to search for your remote and get annoyed that you have no clue where it is. This system replaces them all. You can throw out all the other remotes. Just do whatever you want with your mobile, since Paigo Intelligence System connects everything in your house and gives you the freedom to manage them within a few seconds, from anywhere. With smart care, in the future when you go home, your home will be waiting for you with warmth and a new foresight.