It is useful to have at least one or more of these detectors in our home. Smoke/CO detectors measure and monitor the smoke and the carbon monoxide levels, helping us to avoid the lethal threat what both of them have. Smoke detectors mostly used in the kitchen, where stoves mean a risk factor, but it is wise to use them near fireplaces as well. CO detectors are working in the same way and nowadays the two usually combined into one device. When it is raining outside for several days, basements can be flooded and there are flood detectors that help us out. These devices warn us even about small leaks. Some of them coming with such a high of a sensibility that they are taking a notion if that happens in the close neighborhood too. Gives us more comfort helping us to take action before getting flooded by them, and we can warn others as well. That way, prevents the higher nuisance and the hassle with the insurance too. There are various kinds of all the mentioned detectors but most have an alarm, before the levels become too dangerous, and can be combined with other systems to make them even more effective. We are not always at the place where they are set up, but we will receive notifications. In that way it gives us enough time to make the proper actions to avoid the danger.