control through mobile or PC
or use our innovated remote controller
(uses 2,4GHz USB dongle)

Paigo Remote Manual.pdf

QWERTY Keyboard
Quick typing on browser, chats, social media. Thanks to function keys you can change volume, switch music etc.

Air mouse
Innovated technology to controll our device. By moving your hand you change cursor position.

IR Remote controll
You can assign up to 8 devices to this controller. For example: TV, DVD, audio receiver and every device what use IR signals (easy to learn).

Speaker and microphone
This device can be used also as a phone. You can make calls via Skype and talk directly using the Remote Controller.

Mini USB Charger
You don't need batteries anymore. Just connect the remote controller to Mini USB port to charge the battery.

What else do you need?

Connect them all, not just some parts and your world is in your hands. You can remote control the whole house no matter where you are or when. The advantage of it comparing to other products is that it works with everything, not just some things, for example with sensors, you can set the temperature. You can even see and get a notification if someone is at the house. Just another remote control? You have a TV, video/DVD recorder, AC or whatever else, but that is the point, it doesn't add to more of these. You no longer have to search for your remote and get annoyed that you have no clue where it is. This system replaces them all. You can throw out all the other remotes. Just do whatever you want with your mobile, since Paigo Intelligence System connects everything in your house and gives you the freedom to manage them within a few seconds, from anywhere. With smart care, in the future when you go home, your home will be waiting for you with warmth and a new foresight.