Lighting is very important in everyday life at home. Just decide on the climate and the atmosphere of your home. For example, in the living room you can set up a lamp-stand illuminating the entire interior, but decorative scones to gleam the paintings. LED ceiling lights can be used to gently brighten the room at night while watching TV. The stairs area and long corridors will become more friendly, for this motion sensors are a good choice. During the evening running main lights, LEDs illuminate the floor without blinding the household while lighting up the path. Paigo Intelligence Systems allows you to handle all types of lighting and gives you the ability the combine them into each event. You control all these elements not only with the switches on the walls, but from a graphic panel. In this way, while lying in bed you can also check if one of the rooms, the lamps or any lighting was left on. Giving you the option to turn it off without going into that room.