Setting up a few useful and most-wanted cameras outside our home can bring up the question of which is good to pick? There is a wide variety of them on the market and the IP cameras are the best-sellers now days. The reason is that they are the easiest to set up and connect without the problem of a few meters of wire. There are many kinds of them according to the desired option you want to use. For example, they can come with a wide angle, night vision or infrared sensors, high resolution and some are capable of making HD quality videos to the home storage system. The advantage is that they can be used both indoors and outdoors and is easy to set up in a proper place. They only need WiFi service connection, to connect to Paigo, and the IP monitoring is already started. They are based on Plug and Play or in short PnP, since after they are switched on they are easily recognized by the tablet, laptop or PC.