Alarm system involves many kinds of sensors and detectors to work in sync every time. That is where are all the reports come together. A panel that allows you to check on the integrated systems. It can be programmed with time periods when alarms require action - alert - or at times on a lower level it can open the window or the door without breaching an alarm. Often requires a code that is only known by the members of the household. For example, if someone arrives to your house and goes inside, they have short but enough time to type the code in the panel and evade the alarm, while someone who doesn't know it, won't be able to come in unrecognized and the alarm takes place, notifying the household and doing the programmed actions. It also has an option that sends notifications by text message to your phone or e-mail address or can call the police if necessary. Combined with other sensors and mechanisms it can do several actions to avoid any kind of danger.